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The best period to try veganism is just upon us!

In just a few days, Kathara Deftera, commonly known as Green Monday, will arriveā€”a movable feast falling on the sixth Monday before Palm Sunday, heralding the beginning of Holy Week and preceding Pascha Sunday (Easter). The term "Clean Monday" embodies the shedding of sinful attitudes and non-fasting foods. Orthodox Christians traditionally abstain from consuming meat, eggs, and dairy products throughout Lent, which commences with Clean Monday.

This day is celebrated amidst nature, with various joyful activities taking place, the most iconic being kite flying!

Clean Monday and the Lenten period offer a structured framework and cultural support for those seeking to delve into veganism or temporarily alter their diet for health, ethical, or spiritual reasons. It's a time for introspection, mindfulness, and aligning choices with personal values and aspirations.

Especially in Greece and Cyprus, a diverse array of vegan foods becomes readily available during this period. Since meat consumption is traditionally avoided, there's minimal familial or peer pressure to indulge in animal products. However, it's essential to note that shellfish remains a permissible Lenten fare.

So, here's a list of foods that are traditionally consumed on the day: taramosalata, tahinosalata, hummus, gigantes plaki, buteer bean stew, lagana, beetroot and potato salad, piccalilli potato salad and of loads of raw veggies :) . And the dessert of the day is halva!


Also, here are some of my favourite recipes for this period, that are perfect to get you started or keep you going on your vegan journey:

And remember all the recipes here are vegan, so you can browse and try them freely!

Nat x


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