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Latest Recipes


Bulgur and harissa stuffed peppers

This 30-minute meal is super easy, packed with flavour and it can make a great mid-week meal or be part of your festive table. Read More


Rice pudding

Rice pudding aka rizogalo, is a dessert from my childhood and once I found a vegan condensed milk, I decided to make it! Read More


Butternut squash and potato soup

It's finally soup weather and I'm really happy to share this simple, yet really delicious squash and potato soup! Read More


Butternut squash and mushroom pasta

Here’s a quick, easy and yummy pasta recipe, that takes less than 30 minutes to prepare and it makes a perfect #midweek meal! Read More


Lemon and ginger biscuits

Easy and delicious lemon and ginger biscuits. Read More


Spinach and dried fig salad

I have been enjoying this salad during the Christmas holidays, and everyone who have tried it loved it, so here I am sharing it with you! Read More