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Latest Recipes


Bakaliaros skordalia

Bakaliaros skordalia, is fried cod fish, served with mashed garlicky potatoes. For my vegan version, I'm using banana blossom to replace the fish, plus I'm adding fava protein powder to make my meal more nutrient dense. Read More


Pesto roasted veggies

This roasted veggie tray makes a perfect, fuss free meal for any busy day. Read More


Kale and cashew pesto

Dinner or lunch in 10 minutes?! While you are cooking your pasta, prepare this delicious, homemade kale and cashew pesto! Read More



Today's recipe is kolokotes, Cypriot pumpkin pies. If you like pumpkin, then you found yourself a delicious new snack! Read More


Apple oat cereal

This apple oat cereal is out or this world! Read More


Chick'n in lemon sauce

I'm excited to share a recipe with you today that takes me back to my university days in Greece, where I first tried chicken in lemon sauce. Read More