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Latest Recipes


Festive salad

Are you looking to have a vegan Christmas, and you don't know where to start from? Don't worry, as I got you covered. This December, I'll be sharing 3 festive recipes that will be perfect for the Christmas table! Read More


Raspberry and chocolate mug cake

Today's recipe is a raspberry and chocolate mug cake and it's perfect for the days where you want something sweet, but you can't be bother baking a whole cake. It will take 5 minutes from start to finish and a handful of ingredients! Read More


Creamy leek pasta

Today's recipe is a creamy leek pasta, that won't take much of your time, is packed with protein and it makes a perfect mid-week meal! Read More


Mushroom bourguignon

Mushrooms are is season, so I decided to show you how to make mushroom bourguignon, one of the cosiest meals of the season! Read More


Cauliflower mac and cheese

With today's recipe we are combining two humble ingredients, pasta and cauliflower, and they come together with a creamy and high protein bechamel sauce that makes this dish a complete and nutrient meal! Read More


Healthy apple crumble

As we are going through apple season, I couldn’t skip an apple recipe! So today I'm sharing with you, a healthy apple crumble, which is perfect for dessert, breakfast or snack! Read More