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Latest Recipes


Gnocchi, aubergine, chickpea and harissa bake tray

This one bake tray will be a perfect meal for any week night as it's easy to put together and the oven does most of the job :) Read More


High protein cheesecake pots

Today we are making cheesecake pots with chia raspberry jam that are high in protein. These are perfect to enjoy on Valentine's Day, whether you celebrate it on not! Read More


Beetroot orzotto

Today we are making an orzotto, with a creamy beetroot sauce, that will be a perfect meal to prepare for your loved one or enjoy with a friend! Read More


Triple baked loaded potatoes

We couldn't have a budget friendly month without a recipe with the humble potato, which might be the cheapest vegetable on earth! Read More


Beer crepes

Are you craving something sweet? I have the perfect dessert for you, crepes. This 4-ingredient crepe recipe is incredibly delicious, airy and light. Read More


Sweet potato and lemongrass soup

Today's recipe a delicious sweet potato soup with lemongrass, that doesn't need much time or effort! Read More