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Latest Recipes


Harissa eggplant parmigiana

Today we are making eggplant parmigiana with a harissa twist! Read More


Stuffed onions

Today we are making stuffed onions! Traditionally in Cyprus, we fill onions with rice and mincemeat, but today I chose to use 2 other staple ingredients of the Cypriot cuisine, bulgur and lentils, and they turned out wholesome and delicious! Read More


Mediterranean beans on toast

If we had beans on toast in Cyprus, this is how we were going to serve it! Read More


Miso and peanut butter aubergine

Today we are making the most delicious aubergines with a miso and peanut butter sauce that will melt in your mouth! Read More


Lagana (Greek sesame flatbread)

Lagana is a sesame flatbread that is typically made for this day, but if you ask me, we should have it all year around! Read More


Cypriot souvlakia

Souvlakia is a street food that you can find all over Cyprus! Traditionally, they are made with chicken or pork, but my vegan version is made with tofu. They are served with pita bread and several condiments, salad and fries. Read More