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Five seed crackers

Five seed crackers (350g / Vegan / Nut free / Soy free / Gluten free)

Oat and banana mini cookies

These mini oat and banana cookies are super delicious, golden-brown outside, soft and chewy in the middle! (50g each / Vegan / Refined sugar free)

Cranberry hazelnut bars

Cranberry hazelnut bars, with cocoa powder and pumpkin seeds! (50g each / Vegan / Refined sugar free / Gluten free)

Oat peanut butter chocolate bars

Oat and peanut butter bars, covered in dark chocolate! (50g each / Vegan)

Oreo balls

Oreo cookies blended with vegan cream cheese, covered in chocolate! (40g each / Vegan)

Biscoff lotus balls

Biscoff biscuits blended with vegan cream cheese, covered in crunched Biscoff! (40g each / Vegan)

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