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About me


Hi there, my name is Natali and I am a true food enthusiast. I have a deep passion for all things food, especially cooking! That's why I started this blog, to share my cooking journey with you. A journey that I owe a lot to my grandmother, who taught me the joy of cooking and sparked my love for it.

Food is at the center of my life and I spend all my free time cooking, experimenting in the kitchen, or watching food-related videos online. Growing up in Cyprus, grandmothers play a significant role in a child's upbringing and I was lucky enough to have a grandmother who is an amazing cook. I used to spend hours watching her cook, eager to help and learn, and she always made sure to involve me in the process. Her food was the best I have ever tasted and I will forever be grateful for her influence on my cooking journey.

In August 2017, I made a major change in my diet and switched to a plant-based diet, after years of consuming meat and dairy products. This was a big challenge for me as I was used to having meat in my meals, and it felt like something was missing without it. However, I was determined to cook delicious and tasty plant-based dishes that could compete with my previous meat-based meals.

Stick around for some delicious, or should I say Natlicious, plant-based recipes!

Love, Nat!